This page is used to keep track of how I’m doing on my New Years Resolutions.


  • Get married to Stephanie without having a nervous breakdown from all the stress
  • Lose 30 lbs before my wedding (2012-10-20)
    • Starting Weight: 209
    • 2012-01-13: 206
    • 2012-03-01: 212
  • Run a half marathon
  • Have at least $1500 saved for retirement
  • Finally come up with a single topic blog and post to it regularly (minimum once a week)
  • Develop my own WordPress theme for my blogs
  • Get a side business website up and running by my birthday
  • 10 more 5k/10k/half-marathons
    1. St Patricks Day Race (8k)(done)
    2. Dow Run Walk (5k)(done)
    3. The Qualifier (half-marathon)(done)
    4. Dexter to Ann Arbor Run (5k)(done)
    5. Warrior Dask (5k with obstacles)

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