Online Portfolio

Due to the fact that I no longer control some of the sites below these pages may be links to the latest version of the site that I worked on.

  • Joint Institute of Nuclear Astrophysics
      The REACLIB Database was used to catalog and evaluate nuclear reaction rates.  It had graphs generated to compare different results and see how they compared to each other.  This was a PHP frontend with a MySQL backend.
    • Virtual Journal of Nuclear Astrophysics
      The Virtual Journal of Nuclear Astrophysics is an online on journal of different papers that were related to REACLIB database.
      Virtual Journal of Nuclear Astrophysics
  • High Resolution Array (HiRA)
    For the HiRA group I created three webpages that allowed group members to keep track of Detectors, Electronics, and Preamps.  It was a basic frontend to a MySQL database and used .htaccess files to restrict access to who could edit items.
    HiRA Detector Database HiRA Electronics Database HiRA Preamp Database

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