The Environmental Impacts of Computer Disposal

As computers become more ubiquitous it becomes more apparent that these computers will continue to generate a significant amount of problems related to their disposal. As modern operating systems and software require more horsepower the need for users to replace their computers will increase which only increases the amount of waste computers. There are several ways in order to keep these old computers out of the waste stream and ways to safely handle the computers after they have entered the waste stream. Another problem is with the computers that find their way to the dump, without passing through a method to reuse or recycle them, is the lead used in the solder. Lead has been used for years in consumer electronics and now people are looking for alternatives.

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Design of a Diesel Electric Hybrid

As the economy becomes more global it will become a necessity for large groups of geographically distributed engineers and manufacturers to work together. This process will involve overcoming stereotypes, different work ethics, and even different cultures. These groups will need to determine ways in which to communicate between members on a daily basis while balancing costs. This paper explores what would happen if a hybrid bus were developed jointly between American, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Brazilian companies. It looks at what makes a hybrid bus, the differences between the cultures that will need to be overcome, and methods that these groups can use to communicate.

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The Ethical Issues Related to the Totally Implantable Artificial Heart

Artificial hearts have been a source of ethical problems ever since the first artificial heart was given to Dr. Barney Clark in 1982 [1]. It has raised questions about the cost of the device and issues with who should have access to the technology. These problems can affect a single individual or they might affect a major segment of the population. This paper will look at two of the ethical dilemmas that have are relevant to its continued used in our society.

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Finally Caught Up

It’s odd finally being caught up with my school work. It seems like for the past 13 weeks I have been constantly working on some project or homework or had a test looming on the horizon. With the exception on my finals, one homework and a programming assignment I finally feel like there is nothing else I need to worry about. Thursday night, after I finished a project, was the most relaxed I have felt in a long time and I really felt the weight come off my shoulders. I’m going to take advantage of today and rest a bit before I start working on the three remaining chapters I have to read and the lab that needs to be done Tuesday.

I wish there could be more weekends like this during the semester but at least the end is in sight…

Almost Done With Classes

Last week was when MSU started letting people register for classes and I was able to register for my LAST two Undergraduate semesters! It’s really strange, and a little scary, going into Degree Navigator and having all the requirements checked off. The only thing I really didn’t like about the process is how hard it was to pick my last classes.

Last year, when I was registering for this years classes I had a table of all my potential classes for this year and it would have fulfilled my credits. They “worked” according to the times they were offered. However, by the time registration came around one of the classes I was planning on taking wasn’t offered anymore so I had to find a replacement. The problem I kept running into was that at the 400 level a lot of classes that I needed to take either weren’t offered or required pre-reqs that I just didn’t have. Then one class straddled two others classes (due to a lab and a lecture period). Then I found out that I didn’t have the pre-req for another class. Overall, I had five different versions of my schedule.

Of course, it didn’t help that I also misread the degree requirements but I blame all the small print.

Running Low On Time

It seems like college isn’t so much a way for you to learn things as it is a way to check to see if you will crack.  I have a quiz today, a homework due tomorrow, and an exam tomorrow and at this point I’m not ready for any of them.  I don’t think this is planned but it always seems like everything comes crashing down at once.  It’s not so bad at the start of the week but because almost everything is due on Thursday and Friday Wednesday on is horrible.  I think that’s why I have been crashing on the weekends but I guess I just grind through it this week.  🙂

The Textbook Scams

I’m starting to get sick of all the scams associated with college text books.  I knew about the different versions with small changes between them, the huge prices, and the custom versions of the books that can only be used at one or two colleges but yesterday I ran into a new one.  I purchased a book from the bookstore that wasn’t BOUND.

The book looked odd when I picked it up but I was in a rush so the only think I was looking at was the price.  When I started opening it I noticed that it had three hole punches through the pages and that it wasn’t bound.  I think this is going to make it easier to carry around the book because I will only need to carry around a chapter or two as I need them.  Unfortunately, I’m almost positive that I won’t be able to sell the book back because how will they know if all the pages are there.  I guess I will just have to hope that I get a good price for my other books.  🙂

Back to School

Well school has started back up again. I just finished my first class and I think that something has finally clicked with me: I shouldn’t purchase ANY books until I go to the class first. Every other semester I have been very quick to purchase the books Online so I can get a good price for them. Usually I need all of the books for the class but over the last couple semesters I have had fewer classes that actually used the book. This semester some of the books weren’t listed on the MSU bookstores and I decided that I would hold off for the first week and then get the books. I already know of one book that I don’t need to purchase and that saved me at least $50. I wish I had started doing this last semester. 🙂