Add Another Twitter Client to the Pile

One of my hopes for this year is that I would finally write some software that saw more broad usage. Because of this, I have been looking at options for what I could create with the limited time I have right now. This wasn’t a rash decision and for about a month I have been thinking and have slowly come to the conclusion that I’m going to write a twitter client from the ground up in C#. While doing this I can learn several things like how to interact with a webservice, how to use a distributed version system (I’m leaning toward Mercurial), and how to create something others can use.

I want to use this as a way to learn things about programming so while this version of the system is written in C# (because I already know the language well) future versions might come out for other platforms and in different languages.

My plan is to follow the release soon release often mantra and have a version out every month or so. The first version will just allow for posting twitter messages(v2008-02) and the next version(v2008-03) will allow for you to view your feed. After that it’s on to smart groups and more advanced features…

A Picture Box in That Remembers It’s Path

A couple days I was working on a personal project where I needed to sort some images (maybe more on that later 🙂 ) But while I was working on it I want to throw some quick thumbnails up that I could easily throw up on a panel and remove after I had I was done with them. I found out that the build in PictureBox control only holds the bitmap image and not the path to the file. I could have held this information inside an array in the class that I was working on but I realized that it would be better if I could just extend the PictureBox so then all I needed to do was set the path and it would load a thumbnail of the image.
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