Stolen Content?

I’m signed up for a Google Alert to monitor my name and every couple days I get an e-mail from Google about what new content was on the web that used that string. This has been very interesting (I’m planning on writing a blog post about these results) to see what has been happening on the web with my name. I got an e-mail yesterday about my post about taking a picture every day for a year being on another page. When I checked this page it turns out it’s just a blog with ads for various prescription drugs. The text of my post plus a couple others were listed there along with a link back to the original post. I was really mad that they had taken my content to sell prescription drugs and I wonder if people know this is happening. They must just randomly pull blog posts so they can reduce the chance that their pages will be viewed as spam (which it is). I don’t want to post a link to the website because I think that would actually help them out.  I wonder if there are other sites that do the same thing without giving me credit (not that I want credit on a spam page).  Has anyone else seen this happen to their posts?