Is Gamefly Worth It

I have been going back and forth about signing back up for Gamefly.  Gamefly is basically the Netflix for video games.  It allows you to have 1 or 2 games out at a time for as long as you want without late fees.  As a bonus it has video games that might not be rentable through your local video store.   It’s really nice because you don’t usually have to wait for people to return the games to get them.

Amanda signed up for it last year and I really liked it.  We got to a point last spring where we didn’t have any time to actually play the games and it ended up not being worth it.  We ended up canceling the subscription but now I’m thinking about going back to it.

Normally, I buy a game and IF I finish it I never come back to play it unless it’s a really fun game (Halo, Half-Life 2, etc.) and I’m out the $60 that I payed for the game.  This has been compounded by the fact that there are a lot of games that have come out in the last four months that I still want to play.  I know for sure that I want to play Condemned 2 ASAP and right now I’m planning on purchasing it for this weekend.  However, instead of buying the game for $60 I could apply that to 4 months of Gamefly.

I guess I need to make a decision soon if I want a new game for the weekend…

My Biggest Issue With Guitar Hero Fixed

Gizmodo has an article about a new game coming out like Guitar Hero but actually teaches you how to play (Link). If I could afford to purchase a guitar I would love to get this when it comes out. I really like playing Guitar Hero but I don’t like the fact that you spend hours playing and don’t have anything to show for it (except for some achievements).

Desktop Tower Defense

I just started playing Desktop Tower Defense (link) and I have to say it is one really fun game. The idea is that there are these little creatures trying to make it from one side of your board to the other. You have to create a maze with these towers that shoot at the creatures. It is a very simple game in concept but gets really out of hand at some of the higher levels. I wish I had started playing it sooner.

Totally Emersive Environments

So I know a lot has gone into making games look as realistic as possible but I think very few games have put a lot of work into having a giant game.  I think the best example of this has been Crackdown (which I have recently started playing again).  I find it really nice to be able to have one load screen the first time I start playing and then be able to move anywhere in the huge game world without another load screen unless I die.  I have to compare this to Oblivion when I was playing that because every time I had to enter a dungeon or city there was a long load delay.  Given Oblivion looked WAY better and had lot items that could be picked up/stolen at any point.  But I have to say that I have had a lot of fun the last couple days just wandering around in Crackdown just shooting at things.  Both of these games have been my favorites of the last couple years because there was so much to explore.  I remember having a lot of fun with Grand Theft Auto too and I’m really looking forward to GTA IV.  I wish more games had this much to explore but I can see how it would be a lot for developers to do.  🙁

No More Wii For Mii

So I turned my Wii in today at Gamespot for store credit. That’s right the same Wii that was the big gaming system this as well as last Christmas. The Wii that Amanda and I combed the area for and stood in line for hours in the cool just to get. You may ask yourself: why or why would someone get rid of something so cool and hip. Well I will tell you…
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