Organizing Holiday Cookie Baking

Every year I like to make something for my loved ones and friends for Christmas. Usually, it’s just cookies but I make six or seven batches of different cookies (Molasse, Sugar, Thumb Print, etc.) so there are a lot of ingredients both in the number of different ingredients and quantity of ingredients (it’s amazing how fast you can use up a bag of flower 🙂 ). The downside to this type of large scale baking is that it’s very easy to forget something and need to make multiple trips to the already crowded grocery stores. The other problem is overestimating items or buying stuff that you already have. My goal for this year was to come up with a system that would keep me from having these problems.
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Meal Exchanges

An article on Lifehacker (link) yesterday discusses an article on The Simple Dollar about creating meal exchanges.

On a certain day, everyone in the exchange meets for coffee and brings along a laundry basket full of frozen meals, one for each family, along with any needed instructions taped to the lid. The members of the club just swap the meals so that everyone takes home one of each meal that they didn’t prepare.

As someone who likes to experiment with new foods, I find this concept very interesting but as a vegetarian I wonder if it’s possible for someone like me to participate. I larger cities you might be able to create a vegetarian food swap but cutting out and handling the varieties would be a pain to handle. You would still have to deal with the different varieties of vegetarianism which could be overcome by creating a meal exchange for just ovo-lactos or vegans (although a raw vegetarian food swap seems counter productive). This would continue to decrease the potential members but might be beneficial to everyone. Still it’s a good idea. 🙂