Happy New Year!

If you follow this blog you might have noticed that I haven’t been doing so well at keeping up on my resolutions from last year. Because of this, I have decided to take a different approach at making myself “better” this year.

Based on an article from unclutterer instead of making several resolutions all at once it’s easier to make one or two resolutions at a time and stick to it. That way you can focus on these things and make them a habit by doing them every day.

Each quarter I will be working on one or two things that will make myself better. I will start out by resolving to be less tired (unfortunately, I’m going to steal this one directly from the author of the article) and read at least an hour a day. My plan to achieve this is to go to bed every night at 9 PM and read until 10 PM. Assuming I fall asleep quickly, this will give me about 7 hours of sleep every night which is better than the range of sleep that I get now. 🙂