Stupid Blog

As this is my first real post in months I guess I have failed as a blog maintainer. πŸ™‚

Just a quick update on the events that have occurred in the past couple months:

  1. My team won first place in the ECE480 design competition. I’m really proud of my teammates for all the hard work that we put in to get our project done. The teams site can be found here
  2. I finished the Fall semester with almost flying colors (stupid 411) and because of that I’m on the Dean’s List again.
  3. I accepted a job with Midland Public Schools where I will be a Systems Analyst. To start out, I’m going to be spending a lot of my time supporting the districts Apple computers and progress into supporting their Windows computers. I’m really hoping to write small blog posts about some of my work there in the future. This move has all kinds of life changing decision that I will be slowly easing my way into later this winter. πŸ™‚

Due to the change in jobs I have had very little free time so I have been unable to work on some of the projects that I wanted to explore. I guess I will just have to put them off until this summer when I have more time.

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