Finding Changes For a Date Range in CVS

One of the things that I need to do every week is submit a progress report for the past week. It’s really easy to generate this by pulling the commit messages from CVS. That way I just have to copy/paste them into a new Word doc and reformat it. In case you were wondering how the following command will generate all the changes that occurred between the first and the eighth of June.

cvs log -S -d '2008-06-01<2008-06-08'

Making It Easier To Cancel Accounts

Tonight, I had two very different experiences canceling accounts for Internet services. The first was my old cable modem service (Amanda and I switched to AT&T for reasons that I won’t get into now) and the second was my account.

The cable model cancellation was a breeze. I called them, told them I didn’t want service any more and my service was cut off. PERIOD.

The account wasn’t as easy. The first thing I should say is that this is an online service that allows you to pull your credit report every day and then they monitor your credit. It was easy to set up you just go to their website and enter all your information. What do they ask in exchange for this? Fifteen of my hard earned dollars every month. The novelty of it wore of quickly though and I realized that there isn’t that many reasons for me to have this service.

The cancellation ended up being a pain. They have an 888 number that you have to call that connects you with someone from India and when you tell them you want to cancel your account they spend ten minutes telling you about how great their service is and how I’m not taking full advantage of it. I had to tell her four times that I wanted to cancel my account before she finally did (actually I haven’t received the confirmation e-mail yet 🙁 )

All websites should be legal required to have is button that reads “DELETE ACCOUNT”. Clicking this button would confirm that the user wants to do this and then the account would be deleted. That way I don’t have to spend ten minutes on the phone trying to convince the person on the other end that I really DON’T want their service anymore.

On that note I think it’s time for bed.

A Breakdown in Communication

I’ve had a bit of a problem writing blog posts recently. Mostly, this has to do with the fact that I have been VERY busy with all the things that have broken down the last month. The rest of it has to do with fact that I think my blog has a real lack of focus problem (maybe because I have a focus issue). I would really like to come up with something that might generate revenue for me (who doesn’t dream of that).

I’m mulling around in my head about what I want to do to fix that. My plan right now is to think really hard about a topic that I think I can write four or five times a week and branch off into it’s own blog. That way I can keep this blog to just random things that I come up with and have a more focused outlet somewhere else.

More to come later…

Our New View

Amanda and I have a new view out our back window as of last Thursday. The large concrete block in the ground used to be the location for a yellowish manufactured home that it turns out blocked a nice view. It’s interesting that in a manufactured home community all you have to do is wait out your neighbors to get a better view. 🙂