The Environmental Impacts of Computer Disposal

As computers become more ubiquitous it becomes more apparent that these computers will continue to generate a significant amount of problems related to their disposal. As modern operating systems and software require more horsepower the need for users to replace their computers will increase which only increases the amount of waste computers. There are several ways in order to keep these old computers out of the waste stream and ways to safely handle the computers after they have entered the waste stream. Another problem is with the computers that find their way to the dump, without passing through a method to reuse or recycle them, is the lead used in the solder. Lead has been used for years in consumer electronics and now people are looking for alternatives.

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Design of a Diesel Electric Hybrid

As the economy becomes more global it will become a necessity for large groups of geographically distributed engineers and manufacturers to work together. This process will involve overcoming stereotypes, different work ethics, and even different cultures. These groups will need to determine ways in which to communicate between members on a daily basis while balancing costs. This paper explores what would happen if a hybrid bus were developed jointly between American, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Brazilian companies. It looks at what makes a hybrid bus, the differences between the cultures that will need to be overcome, and methods that these groups can use to communicate.

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The Ethical Issues Related to the Totally Implantable Artificial Heart

Artificial hearts have been a source of ethical problems ever since the first artificial heart was given to Dr. Barney Clark in 1982 [1]. It has raised questions about the cost of the device and issues with who should have access to the technology. These problems can affect a single individual or they might affect a major segment of the population. This paper will look at two of the ethical dilemmas that have are relevant to its continued used in our society.

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The Cake Isn’t A Lie

One of the things that I have really found interesting while watching Top Chef is that they know how to make cakes from scratch. When I was young the only cakes we had came out of a box or were purchased in plastic container from the store. When I was young I never really thought that people would actually make a cake from scratch.

Amanda’s brother had his birthday two weekends ago and we were responsible for the desert. I thought that this would be a good time for me to try and make a cake. I won’t share the pictures but I ended up running out of frosting (also made from scratch) and I was a little disappointed. So this weekend I wanted to try and make a better one. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually get around to it but last night I finally made it.


As you can see it turned out really good and was only a small mess. I think that in the future I will make more cakes. It might even be a good skill for the future…