A git For Photography?

I have been reading/watching a lot about git over the last couple days and I have been wondering about the other applications of a git type system for files other than text file.  Git was designed to keep track of changes to files in a distributed development project.  Because files change over time it is necessary to update these files across several user’s computers.  The thing that I was thinking of tracking is photos.

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Arrested Development Movie

Film School Rejects wrote an article (link) about what NEEDS to be in the Arrested Development(link) movie (link).  For those of you who don’t know AD is yet another “thinking” show that Fox killed in it’s prime (like Firefly, Family Guy, Futurama, etc) that has a huge following.  They are finally releasing a movie based on the show (also like Firefly, Family Guy, Futurama).  I’m really glad to see that this series is getting a new chance at life and hopefully this will get it put back on TV (hopefully like Firefly, Futurama ?).

I completely agree with all the “requirements” that were in the article because I think anything less would disservice to the fans.  The only thing I think they need to talk about is the legal and gas ramifications of driving the stair car.  Also, does anyone know where I can purchase a stair car?   🙂

Then after they make this movie they can start working on season 4 (I can dream).

A Digital President

It’s interesting to see how the candidates in this election are using the internet.  They use all kinds of “Web 2.0” site to reach out.  Most of these are in vain because I think very few undecided  voters will active search this out.  Who really wants to go through Obama’s 700+ YouTube videos (link)?  But how are the candidates in twenty years going to be affected by what they are posting on the internet now?

We keep hearing how things people post online bit them in the end when some perspective employer see them doing a keg stand on Facebook.  But how much of this will get factored into elections in the future where news organizations will dedicate teams of people to going through the digital footprints of the candidates?  We already know how news organizations will jump on the smallest inconsistency in a candidate’s past.  How many flame war, YouTube, and Flickr posts will we see in the 2030 election?  How many misspelled words that questions their intelligence?

I guess the one thing to take away is that if you are even thinking about running of office don’t use the Internet.  Actually, that might explain our current government.  🙂