Problems Selling Books

At the beginning of January I started looking into if I could sell enough books on to purchase a Kindle (link). I have raised a little over $70 dollars so far and I’m going to post some more books this weekend. I have been a little slow getting started because I wanted to make sure I could get a few sent out without problems before I started listing a large number of books. I was able to figure out the best way to ship the books without spending too much money after spending more than was allocated for the shipping on the first couple books. The books that I have sold so far have gone for a decent price but some of the books that I looked into selling are listed for less than a dollar. At that point selling the book isn’t worth my time so I though that I would just donate the book to the local library.

Yesterday I ran across a site called Book Crossing that is a site set up so people can leave their books in a public place so others will read them. They provide a way to tell where the book has gone based on a tracking number. I think this is a great idea and for any of the fiction books I have that aren’t worth selling I think I will just leave them in a coffee shop. This way someone else gets to enjoy them and I don’t have to haul them down to the library. 🙂

Keeping My Computer Desktop Clean Revisited

On the 15th, I wrote a post about trying to keep my desktop clean of all files (link). I have been able to keep most of the icons off my desktop and I’m doing well at sorting the files into a folder that correctly identifies them. The problem that I have run into is that I have been dumping files into different folders when I’m too lazy to put them in the correct location. There are very specific folders where I keep dumping things and I keeping thinking that if I really want to stay organized I need something that bugs me when I don’t keep specific folders clean. I think that I’m going to write something quickly in the next week that will run as a scheduled job every couple hours to check specific folders for files. I’m working on a list of places where I seem to dump files I’m too lazy to deal with and this is what I have so far:

  • Desktop – this one if obvious
  • My Document – this one is a bit of a pain because some programs save their files directly to the My Documents folder (*cough* Microsoft Money *cough*) and I’m not sure if I can move them. This makes me think I will need to have an exception list.
  • My (Videos|Pictures|Music) – I have been dumping stuff into this folders and while they are technically in the correct folder I think they should be sorted out better based on date or something.
  • The root of the drive – I have been doing better at this but occasionally I save something to the root of the drive for quick access. This is another folder that will need to have an exclude list.

I guess I will have to think about this more while I walk between classes. Let me know if you have seen a program that will do something like this.

Progress In Moving the Blog

I just wanted to write a quick post about moving the blog and the problems I still have. Overall, I’m glad I made the switch because I have been able to do a lot that I wanted to do (including adding Twitter Tools) that I wouldn’t have been able to do on I have had a lot of problems moving from the pages to my own hosting provider. I think a lot of this has to do with features that has aren’t in the base install and I’m still struggling to find the missing pieces.

  1. My tags are messed up – If I haven’t fixed it yet you can see that my tag pool is full of numbers instead of useful tags. I tried the import three times and every time they imported like this. I haven’t been able to find an explanation on how to fix this but I’m planning on going through every post and cleaning them up.
  2. None of my uploads were imported – I’m really mad about this because I have to upload all my files again. This does give me the chance to try out a new plug-in I have downloaded that uses Amazon-S3 instead of the web server to store the files.
  3. My post aren’t showing up on the tag browser – has this great page where you can monitor and subscribe to a specific tag whenever a blog is posted with that tag. My old blog showed up on it but the new blog isn’t. I’m not sure if this is something that just takes a couple days or if I need to do something to the configuration of my page. I really hope that this isn’t a only feature.

I’m going to write a post about how I set up the blog and all the cool plug-ins I have found when I have a little more time. I would recommend that if you are thinking about moving to a managed host do it now instead of later.

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-28

  • Have you ever noticed that you can’t tell what CSI is on just by looking at the description? #
  • “So and so investigates a dead prostitute while someone else looks into a mysterious death.” #
  • There must be dead prostitutes under every rock in Vegas. 😉 #
  • And a lot of mysterious deaths #
  • Now I know why twitter should only be used for short posts #
  • @kishba what happened? #
  • @kishba well at least the website is still up so it can’t be that bad. 🙂 #

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CSI Redundancy

Have you ever noticed that you can’t tell what CSI is on just by looking at the description? It’s always “So and so investigates a dead prostitute while someone else looks into a mysterious death.” There must be dead prostitutes under every rock in Vegas and lots of mysterious deaths. I always have to watch it for a couple minutes before I can tell if I have seen it yet and then I can never remember if it’s the partner or sibling that killed them. At that point I’m so involved I have to finish it. 😉