Favorite Pictures of 2007

So one of the things I wanted to do this weekend was look through the 3000 or so pictures that I took this year and pick out my favorite picture for each month (that I actually took pictures). I think this is useful because it gives me a chance to look over my photos from this last year and really see what I did well and what I didn’t

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Totally Emersive Environments

So I know a lot has gone into making games look as realistic as possible but I think very few games have put a lot of work into having a giant game.  I think the best example of this has been Crackdown (which I have recently started playing again).  I find it really nice to be able to have one load screen the first time I start playing and then be able to move anywhere in the huge game world without another load screen unless I die.  I have to compare this to Oblivion when I was playing that because every time I had to enter a dungeon or city there was a long load delay.  Given Oblivion looked WAY better and had lot items that could be picked up/stolen at any point.  But I have to say that I have had a lot of fun the last couple days just wandering around in Crackdown just shooting at things.  Both of these games have been my favorites of the last couple years because there was so much to explore.  I remember having a lot of fun with Grand Theft Auto too and I’m really looking forward to GTA IV.  I wish more games had this much to explore but I can see how it would be a lot for developers to do.  🙁

A Picture Box in VB.net That Remembers It’s Path

A couple days I was working on a personal project where I needed to sort some images (maybe more on that later 🙂 ) But while I was working on it I want to throw some quick thumbnails up that I could easily throw up on a panel and remove after I had I was done with them. I found out that the build in PictureBox control only holds the bitmap image and not the path to the file. I could have held this information inside an array in the class that I was working on but I realized that it would be better if I could just extend the PictureBox so then all I needed to do was set the path and it would load a thumbnail of the image.
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Calculating an MD5 Hash in VB.net

I was looking through my photos yesterday and I ran into a problem because it looks like I have hundreds of duplicate pictures.  I think that this must have happened when I was trying to get all the files that I had in the three or four different picture folders into one single folder.  I knew that calculating an MD5 hash would find the duplicates without having to get into huge programs that would compare creating dates, file sizes, etc to find the duplicates but I wasn’t sure how to find and MD5 hash in VB.net so after some work with MSDN I came up with the following function: Continue reading

Content on a Blog

So I find it interesting to see what people put on their blogs.  For most it is a way to get information about things they are doing but some also use it to try and earn money (which sounds good to me right now :-)).  Some people use it to host little how-tos, leave their comments on product they own/received, or just let people know what is going on in their lives.  I think all of these are very interesting but I don’t want to split my information across multiple blogs right now (I’ll see how the work one goes first and then split up my content if necessary).  But I still want to have some kind of format to my blog that is a little more consistent than the random posts that I put out right now.

I thought about this a little yesterday as I was driving around town looking for mint flavoring.  I had to take into account the fact that I’m not going to have a lot of free time when I’m in school but I still want to write something everyday.  This is what I came up with:

  • Monday-Friday: Short posts about things I found interesting on the net and quick little write ups.
  • Saturday: A longer post about something useful to other people :-).  I have a couple ideas about this I just need to sit down and start working on it…
  • Sunday: A quick post about my picture of the day resolution (yes I’m going to try and do this but I will have more later) and maybe a longer post about something I learned that week.

I wish there was something that I was so knowledgeable about that I could get a small community involved with it but maybe that will come later.  I think for right now I’m going to have to be content with working on developing my witting skills and starting to put out some of my ideas on the web.

No More Snow

I was surprised when I came home last night and I found out that there wasn’t any snow left. The funny thing is that I had proof that we had a huge amount of snow that it seems like was only here a week ago, actually it was a week ago.

I guess I can only hope that we get SOME snow today and tomorrow so there is at least a little snow for Christmas. 🙁

No More Wii For Mii

So I turned my Wii in today at Gamespot for store credit. That’s right the same Wii that was the big gaming system this as well as last Christmas. The Wii that Amanda and I combed the area for and stood in line for hours in the cool just to get. You may ask yourself: why or why would someone get rid of something so cool and hip. Well I will tell you…
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